Diana made
by Manly Bannister
from Slant #4, Autumn 1950

The aliens have landed!

Classification: TOP SECRET 
From:           The Commanding Officer, Project Saucer 
To:             The Commanding General, XVth Corps Area. 
Via:            CO, Rocket Experimental Base. 
Subject:        Landing of aerial object hitherto referred to 
                as 'Flying Saucer', investigation and report. 
Reference:      Ltr of Instr 319C. CGO.Gen Reg XVIII, 2/C/Y 32. 

          l. Object first sighted over Experimental Rocket Range, Project Headquarters, eight hours, morning. Weather clear, sunny. Visibility excellent. Our radar screens picked up object at altitude 50,000 feet, azimuth 30 miles. Teleikonoscope tracking instruments were brought to bear. Velocity determined at 300 miles per hour, negative acceleration, angle of dive 15 degrees. The object halted at altitude 2000 feet, directly above the headquarters building, and hovered there fifteen minutes. A light east wind was blowing; ground speed ten miles per hour.2. Diameter of the object was determined at this stage to be approximately 100 feet. The object showed a bivalvular form, like two saucers faced together. Axial thickness, 25 feet. Observation with optical instruments determined the existence of much detail hitherto only guessed at or assumed. Both drive and steering jets were observed in considerable number around the periphery of the so-called ‘saucer’, while many circular openings in the metal hull, evidently port-holes, were observed. Preliminary observations were confirmed in detail later, for which see report 192B of Engineering Section, hereto attached. 

          3. After fifteen minutes of hovering, showing no obvious evidence of hostility, the unknown craft settled to the ground before the Administration Building. Six men disembarked therefrom through a door that opened in the lower part of the hull. Medical examination, which the subjects willingly underwent, has proved satisfactorily that the ocupants of the ‘Saucer’ are of the human species, much like ourselves in physical constitution, except that they average about half the height of a normal human being. They have indicated that this condition is normal on their  own world, their fauna and flora being scaled correspondingly. (Full medical particulars are detailed in Medical Report 148c hereto attached.) 

          4. Proper accommodations were prepared for the other-world denizens, who appeared to be pleased with their welcome, evidenced friendliness and anxiety to establish communicatios with us. A fortnight spent at this has progressed us rapidly in the establishment of a common ground of understanding. 

          5. The Psychological Section is now preparing a full and lengthy report of all information gleaned from the diminutive strangers. This report will follow the present report within two or three days. 

          6. Specific information has so far been obtained to the effect that the flying saucers are actually space craft, vessels designed to navigate the distances between the stars, and that their port of origin is located on a planet in a solar system about 8 light-years removed from us. We have determined the identity of this sun, according to our stellar charts, as G-XVII-324c, a small, yellowish sun, enumerated as here given in accordance with the Brodan catalogue of stellar bodies. This sun is of a spectral type similar to our own, possesses nine planets, one of which was originally inhabited, the other two having been colonised in the last 500 years. 

          7. Further information has revealed that our solar system has been under observation by the saucers from space for a period of 210 years, while the strangers waited for our technology to arrive at such a point that scientific and commercial intercourse between our two systems would be practicable. It is the opinion of the writer that these extra-system human beings are now convinced that our civilization has reached that desired stage. 

          8. The Bureau of Semantics, in a preliminary report on the sonal system of inter-personal communication of the strangers, which they call speech, states that the native name of the spacemen is Terrestrial, the native name of their home planet is Earth, and their sun-system is called Sol. Our 14th of Zonor, Year of Skronos, the date of the first extra-system space ship to land formally on our planet, is their 22nd February, Numerical Year 2510. The date of the landing was chosen by them in commemoration and honour of an ancient lawgiver named George Washington, whose birth date it is. 

                                        Hagar Skrin 
                                        Air and Ground Military Forces of Skvald